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Well done is better than well said. - Benjamin Franklin

Catch the Spark

Throughout my journey as a singer, I’ve gone through many highs where enthusiasm and drive were abundant as well as many lulls where inspiration was hard to find and disappointment seemed to loom overhead.  Let’s face it, the journey of a singer isn’t always glamorous or exciting — especially when we are struggling with technique, or when health and wealth seem to elude us.  And just like anything, we all love to sing when those around us are praising our amazing voices, but it’s harder to find the joy when [Read On]

10 Ways to Make Your Voice Teacher Crazy

I love teaching.  I really do.  I have been blessed with the gift of breaking down a complex instrument and gently guiding students on a healthy path to finding their own true voice.  I have a great job, and I would never want to downplay it or complain about something that God has blessed me with.  However.  Seriously guys?!  I think there should be a lesson on how to take voice lessons…or any lessons, for that matter! So, with love in my heart for all my dear, kind students, past, [Read On]

Public Speaking 101

This past summer, I launched the speech coaching side of my business, although I have been offering “speaking” lessons throughout my entire teaching career.  Over the years, I have received phone calls from speaking professionals, including raspy-voiced teachers, tired trainers, hoarse presenters, vocally-exhausted storytime librarians as well as eager theater majors, narrators, camera-shy entrepreneurs and comedians who are seeking help and guidance with their voices.  Initially, I resisted teaching such lessons for fear that I didn’t know enough about the speaking voice or because these lessons didn’t involve music.  However, after working with these individuals, I found that the core principles [Read On]

Choral Singing vs. Solo Singing

With all the political debates going on right now, I thought it a propos to open up a debate about the differences between choral singing vs. solo singing.  When I’m working with students who sing in choirs, this topic inevitably comes up.  Several years ago, when I was singing with Conspirare at a choral convention in Nebraska, the topic was brought up as a panel discussion.  Many of my colleagues felt that there was, in fact, no difference between choral singing and solo singing, while others felt very strongly about the [Read On]

Is this song right for me?

As you might imagine, I get this question a lot!  Students often come to me with songs they have chosen because they like the melody, or it has sentimental meaning to them or they are fond of the lyrics.  While these are all great reasons to love a song, they are not necessarily great criteria for working on a song and performing it in public. Why? Well, just because we might love a song doesn’t mean that the song is a great fit for us.  There are some things to consider: Is the song [Read On]

Small Business Owners

I had to go get my oil changed in my car today, so I loaded the boys up in the car and headed over to the automotive store.  They said it would be around 20 minutes, so we decided to walk over to a local cafe and have some ice cream and a coffee.  When I went in there, I asked the owner how his business was doing and he frowned and said that it wasn’t doing as well as it needed to.  He said that their rent was too [Read On]

93% there!

Wow, I’m so excited!  This website and new logo have been a labor of love over the past two months and I’m so excited to show them off! First of all, I want to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to Bella Guzman of Highwire Creative Designs here in Austin, TX for being able to take my ideas, color palettes, adjectives and doodles and make a beautiful logo out of it!  She is a highly talented woman with a remarkable artistic ability!  Bella and I first met through one of Renee [Read On]

Almost There

Well, we’re almost there!  The website is nearly finished and now I just need to get in and get all the details in order.  I’m so grateful to have such talented people in my midst!  I don’t claim to be an artist, but my mind can think and visualize creatively.  I just don’t know how to get what is in my mind on paper — or in this case, on my website!  Throughout this process, I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed how I can say simple words like “whimsical” “fresh” “fun” and [Read On]

So Thrilled!

Hurray! It’s FINALLY happening!  I’m so thrilled to be getting my website and new logo up and running!!!  It’s funny how you get complacent about things like this, but when it actually happens, you think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?!” Well, if this is your first time on my site, thank you for looking!  I am so proud of it and what is to come.  Part of me has had to take a step back from it all and really ask myself what I want from Vocal Zone Voice [Read On]